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Raleigh Self Defense Classes and Lessons

Raleigh Self Defense ClassesRoyal Tiger offers self defense classes in Raleigh for individuals or groups of all ages. The focus for this type of class is to educate students on being aware of their surroundings and fending off an attack. By making our students not only aware of how to defend themselves but also to be aware of their surroundings, we hope that this will enable them to avoid the situation completely and not have to use their self-defense skills. Unfortunately, the problem starts from people waiting until something happens in the news or someone they know gets attacked. Be prepared and don’t wait until that happens to you!

Our Raleigh Self Defense Classes and Lessons will get you prepared both mentally and physically. By going through different scenarios, it can help lessen the shock of a real attack allowing you to react more quickly and decisively to remove yourself from the situation.

Our Raleigh Self Defense Classes and Lessons are great for just about everyone, including law enforcement officers, military, college and high school students, kids, adults, real estate agents, teachers and more.

Mental benefits of self defense:

  • Learn the different scenarios and how to apply self defense techniques
  • Repeat and practice as often as possible so you can be confident
  • Learn why your body acts the way it does when you feel danger
  • Control your mind when a conflict is about to arise
  • Learn the signs before they become dangerous
  • Be more aware of yourself and surroundings

Physical benefits of self defense:

  • Muscle memory is very important; practice until you react instinctively
  • Build speed, strength, power, accuracy, and endurance
  • Get physically fit and healthy

Self Defense Classes for Women in Raleigh

Master Saykosy is currently teaching Wake forest High School, Wakefield High School, Millbrook High School, and Roseville High School girl’s self defense. Most of these girls have graduated and are about to go to college for their first year. For those that are rising seniors, with a whole year to prepare and learn self defense, this is your chance!

It is very important for young women to have some knowledge of how to defend themselves and how to identify dangerous situations before they are faced with it in the real world. For parents, this provides some peace of mind. The young women will themselves gain knowledge that could one day save their life or that of a loved one. Even if they never have to use it, our Raleigh Self Defense Classes prepare them to be more confident and aware of their environment and surroundings. Parents know their child will listen to someone else better, even if you tell them the same thing. As a parent myself, I fully understand this. This is why by allowing a professional to teach your child, the message may resonate stronger and they may take the whole idea of self defense and situational awareness more seriously. Don’t wait until something happens to you, a friend or until you hear about it in the news. Be proactive, learn all you can, so you can be prepared both mentally and physically.

Please contact Master Saykosy to schedule your Raleigh self defense classes today!